Benefits of Loft Boarding

Loft boarding is the process of adding floorboards to your loft to make it more practical to use as a storage area. Many people go ahead with the project and love the results but are unaware of all the other benefits loft boarding can add to their home. In this article, find out the many reasons why loft boarding is becoming a popular project for homes across the UK.

Load Bearing Loft Flooring

Great storage area

One of the key reasons to invest in loft boarding is to create a stable area for you to store your belongings. Loft boarding makes it easier to move around in your loft and creates a suitable surface for your items. Plus, loft boarding can prevent dampness, meaning you can feel confident that your possessions will remain safe and dry.

Creates additional space

A new storage area isn’t only great for protecting your belongings, it also helps you declutter your home. Items that would previously fill your living room and hide under the kitchen table can instead be moved out of sight and into the loft. Not only will this give you more space and make your home more presentable, it will also help you to relax. Remember — a cluttered home is a cluttered mind.

Prevents heat loss

An often overlooked advantage of loft boarding is its insulative properties. A whopping 30% of heat loss from a house occurs via the roof. Loft boarding can reduce that number significantly, keeping your home warm throughout the year. Not only does this equate to a more comfortable home, but it also means you’ll be saving money on your energy bill. The money you’ll save will offset some of the costs of the installation, making loft boarding an investment instead of just a purchase.

Protects existing insulation

Another great feature of loft boarding is that it can coexist with your existing insulation. It won’t squash or damage your current  insulation and allows both your loft boarding and your existing insulation to work as intended.

Increases the value of your home

It’s desirable to have a suitable storage area in your home. Adding loft boarding to your home will make the property more desirable to buyers should you decide to sell. This is another reason why loft boarding can be considered as an investment instead of just a purchase.

Loft boarding costs

Loft boarding is surprisingly affordable. While you could go down the DIY route, we recommend hiring professionals for the best results. Though they may be a little more expensive, you’ll be adding greater value to your home with a professional finish. Plus, effective insulation will reduce your energy bill, saving you more money in the long run. All of this equates to an affordable loft storage area for your home.

As the UK’s leading loft specialists, we can provide high-quality, professional loft boarding for your home. We take extra care to ensure the process is completed safely and complies with all the latest industry standards and regulations. Our experts pay great care and attention to detail when carrying out our loft boarding service, ensuring you receive a safe, sturdy and stunning loft storage area, perfect for storing your belongings. 

To find out how we can transform your loft, arrange a free, no-obligation survey today – Contact us. We operate throughout Cambridge, Harlow, London and most of the UK.


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