Does Boarding Your Loft Invalidate NHBC Warranty?

Loft boarding has numerous benefits for any home; it creates additional storage space, aids energy efficiency and increases the value of your home. Despite this, many new-build homes are built without a proper loft area. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your home with loft boarding, you may have a few concerns regarding your NHBC warranty. One common assumption is that loft boarding will invalidate your guarantee, but is this actually true? The team here at Loft Storage Rooms is here to answer your questions.

What is an NHBC warranty?

NHBC stands for National House-Building Council. Established in 1936, they are the leading provider of insurance and warranties for new builds in the UK. Every new build home should be issued with an NHBC guarantee to ensure the building complies with all regulations. The new build warranty also protects the buyer from any issues that arise due to builder negligence; it holds construction companies to account should anything go wrong.

What does an NHBC warranty cover?

A new-build warranty typically lasts for 10 years. However, this is split into two periods:

  • The defects period – This covers the first two years in the property. If there are any issues with the workmanship inside your home, the builder is obliged to come and fix them.
  • The structural insurance period – After the first two years, minor repair jobs become your responsibility. However, for your first 10 years inside the property, all serious structural defects – issues with the foundations, roof or chimneys for example – are still the duty of the builder to repair.

A new build warranty doesn’t cover general wear and tear or any problems that are a result of weather damage.

Does boarding your loft invalidate NHBC warranty

Can I get my loft boarded in a new-build house?

The simple answer to this question is: yes. Getting your loft boarded in a new build home is a simple and hassle-free process; however, if you ask your builder, they may provide you with several different reasons why this isn’t possible. We’re here to debunk some of these myths:

  • Loft boarding will compress insulation – This is untrue. Most loft boarding companies will use a special raised system that allows the flooring to sit above the insulation, leaving it undisturbed.
  • The roof structure will not support loft boarding – All UK homes equipped with loft hatches are designed to carry 25kg of permanent load for every square metre.
  • It will cause damp – Condensation can occur as a result of crushed insulation. As mentioned above, any reputable loft boarding company will use raised flooring to ensure airflow is maintained and damp is prevented.
  • It will invalidate your warranty – This is false; the NHBC guarantee contains no such policy that states loft boarding is forbidden. In fact, if you have serviceable equipment in your loft then NHBC regulations actually require this space to be boarded, for your protection. 

What invalidates my NHBC warranty?

Your NHBC warranty will be invalidated if your loft boards are installed incorrectly and in a way that compromises structural integrity. Official recommendations state that there should be a 50mm gap between insulation and boards to ensure consistent airflow. Regulations also state that loft insulation should have a depth of 270mm. 

If your new loft boarding infringes upon these rules, you may find that this causes preventable problems such as condensation and mould. This will then void your NHBC warranty. When you consult a professional loft boarding company, this shouldn’t be a problem; they will be fully aware of all regulations and won’t do anything to put your warranty in jeopardy.

Looking for a trusted and reliable loft boarding company?

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