Our Portfolio of Work

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Our Portfolio of Work

Loft Storage Room Company converts unused loft areas and transforms them into practical and aesthetically pleasing spaces – so take a look for yourself and see what we have achieved for our previous, valuable customers.

South London Project

Our tender was to create a dust-proof, temperature regulated loft space for the safe storage of sensitive electrical equipment at a low cost. The customer was not interested in the aesthetics so we advised that it was not necessary to apply a covering to the rafter insulation.

We also advised that the gable wall was left exposed as the brickwork was in excellent condition.

Cambridge Project

This customer wanted a full storage room in both the main loft and extension loft with a plaster board finish. Our architect calculated a cost effective means of opening up the rafters between both lofts without the need for steals to maximise space.

This project was passed through Building Control for a loft storage room to include the structural changes between loft spaces.

Norfolk Project

Customer contacted us to create a non-habitable loft storage room to include the removal of the internal trusses to maximise storage space. This picture shows the first stage of the project after the steal beams and new loft joists have been installed.

We completed the project 5 days later to a plasterboard finish with Velux roof lights.

North London Project

A typical hip/gable, end of terrace property. Customer wanted a plasterboard finish of an open plan design to maximise space. She also wanted a lot of natural daylight so we installed 2 good sized Velux roof lights. High risk, asbestos lagging was identified at the survey stage so an independent specialist company was contracted to test and remove fibres prior to project commencement.

Birmingham Project

A mid-terrace property. Our remit was to maximise every inch of space with a plaster board finish and a Velux window. We studded around the chimney breast in preparation for shelving either side to fully utilise the space.

We also installed independent floor joists as opposed to strengthening the existing due to the high potential loading requirements.

Surrey Project

Truss-cut property in detached house. Customer initially asked us to tender for the steal structural, replacement rafters and floor joists only. However they came back to us to complete the project into a loft storage room with Velux roof windows.

This property had 2 large Water tanks situated again one of the gable walls and the customer requested a full stud wall and large door to access it instead of boxing it in.

Oxford Project

Customer initially enquired about a plaster boarded loft room in a truss style property. After we explained we could not pass the project through Building Control without steel beam installation so she decided on a far more cost effective option of a dust-proof temperature regulated loft space with a white membrane finish.

We also installed Velux roof lights between the trusses and therefore did not require a Building Control sign off as no structural change was necessary. The customer was so impressed with our loft storage trays she asked us to install 12!

Southampton Project

Terraced property. Customer wanted a loft storage room with segregated storage on both sides and items he rarely needed. Although the gable walls were old and crumbly, the customer liked the look of them so we left them unfinished (although advised that possessions be stored slightly away from them). We also installed 2 Velux windows as requested.

Nottingham Project

Semi-detached hip/gable foof shape. A standard loft storage room with 1 x Velux roof light, completed to a conservative budget. Chimney stack & combi boiler were left exposed. Our surveyor noted on his site visit that a change in roof covering from slate to tile was overloading the existing purlins so we advised and installed additional props to maintain structural integrity.

Kent Project

Garage conversion. We completed a loft storage room a few years previously for this customer, who then came back to us to convert their garage into a home office. The garage door was left in place and no windows were installed to avoid the need for a planning application. In the interior we completely studded all 4 sides and the ceiling, installed a multi-layered quilt with a plasterboard finish with skirting.

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