Does Loft Storage Add Value To Your Home?

Without a doubt, loft storage adds value to your home. You can see this in any property for sale on the market right now, marked up for a higher price than similar homes simply because they’ve made better use of the available space.

A loft storage room is a great solution to both your household clutter and as an investment in the value of the property itself. Without proper conversion into a storage room, it’s just another loft – so let’s look in more detail at how loft storage adds value to a property.

Loft Storage Room Conversion

Is it worth converting the loft for storage?

Yes, converting your loft into storage space is one of the best ideas for so many reasons. Here are a few of our favourites, as well as why it’s best to get a professional loft storage company involved:

  • Added Value – We’ve touched on this already but it bears repeating: turning your loft into an accessible, functional storage space makes a world of difference to the value of your property on the market. It’s estimated that the value of your home could increase by up to 10% depending on how much floor space is added. It also makes it that bit more appealing to any potential buyers!
  • Decluttering – Tired of seeing clutter and boxes around your home? Convert your loft space and you’ll have a place for things you want to keep but don’t immediately need, all with easy access for when you do want them. A tidy house will bring you a greater sense of well-being and positivity, something that is hard to put a price on.
  • Affordable – Big, invasive conversions and extensions can be costly, meaning higher levels of investment for a room you may not really use. With a loft storage room, you keep costs down, while still creating a practical space that will be of use to you.
  • Faster – Similarly to the previous point, full conversions and extensions can drag on for months. This makes for a nightmare scenario where you feel like you’re living on a building site. Conversion into a storage room, however, is something we can offer swift turnaround times for.
  • Protects Insulation – By choosing to have a professional convert your loft into a proper storage room, you can be assured that your insulation won’t be compromised. Simply boarding over your joists will compact your insulation and this is why expert conversion specialists are always recommended.


How can I turn my loft into storage space?

Creating a loft space you can actually use for storage is sometimes trickier than people imagine. We’ve already mentioned how insulation can complicate things, requiring a professional, but there are also issues relating to damp that need to be factored in. On top of this, there are building control standards to be met. 

All of these issues are what our specialist teams at Loft Storage Rooms are here to help you with. Our expertise means you can quickly and cleanly turn your loft into a storage space without worry. We provide professional loft boarding, creating a solid, elevated platform if your insulation sits above your joists. Plus, with all the latest tools and equipment, you can trust us to get the job done right the first time around.

We cover Cambridge, Harlow, London and a large portion of the UK, helping homeowners add value to their property – both financial and practical – by converting lofts into storage rooms. Contact us today and find out how easy it is!