How Does Loft Insulation Affect EPC?

Insulation in homes is at the top of the agenda for a lot of people right now, and it looks likely to stay that way for a while. But did you know that on top of saving you money, and in addition to the comfort and warmth it brings, your loft insulation has a big impact on your EPC?

That little initialism might ring a bell if you’ve bought or sold a property in the last couple of decades, but whether you know about EPCs or not, we’re here to help. To give you a better understanding of what it is, how your loft insulation plays a part and what the benefits of an improved rating are, we’ve got a quick guide to loft insulation and EPCs.


What is an EPC?

An EPC is an Energy Performance Certificate. It’s essentially a rating that is applied to a property to sum up how energy efficient it is overall, with ratings ranging from A (the most energy efficient with 92+ plus points) to G (the least efficient with 1-20 points). 

This is designed to give any prospective buyer an idea of what the typical cost is for running that property in terms of energy. For this reason, you often see newer homes with higher ratings and older homes that need renovation with lower ones. It’s essentially very similar to the energy chart you also see on appliances, helping you decide how cost-effective they are for your money.

EPCs were first introduced in August 2007 as a mandatory certificate required if you’re selling or renting your property. It should also be noted, for landlords, that from 2025, any new rental will need an EPC rating of at lest grade C, while existing tenancies need to achieve a C rating by 2028.

Now, more than ever, they’re something people are paying serious attention to. 

How does loft insulation affect EPC

What are the benefits of improving your EPC rating?

You can probably imagine why improving the EPC rating is good for your property if you’re trying to sell: because you can generate more interest in your home compared to those that perform less favourably on energy costs. Not only that, but it could potentially add value in a seller’s market if you can improve it enough to move up a grade on the chart.

More importantly than that though, particularly right now, is how much a higher rating could save you even if you don’t plan to sell or rent your home out. Not through the rating itself, but through what it means for the energy bills of your property. Small changes can make a huge difference to how much you pay, particularly when it comes to insulation and your heating costs. 

Let’s look at how loft insulation can help improve your EPC rating and save you money.


How does loft insulation improve your EPC rating?

While there are many things you should do in combination to improve your EPC rating, your loft insulation is definitely a key area depending on how old your property is and what you already have in place. Your home can lose up to 25% of its heat through the roof, so it’s important to pay attention to this for so many reasons.

You should be looking for an insulation depth of around 270mm for your loft. If this brings the level above your floor joists and you have already put down boards or are looking to do so, we suggest checking out our piece on raised loft boards to prevent squashing your insulation.

Lofts with zero insulation will get no points for this area, bringing down the property’s total, while a depth of 270mm in quality insulation could add around 15 points to your EPC rating. A lot will depend on the specific insulation material and the depth of it, but generally you can expect anywhere between 10 and 16 points to be added. 

Even just adding 50mm of insulation to a previously uninsulated loft can get you 10 important points, so it’s easy to see how your property could jump up a rating band by paying attention to this. 


You can find out more about loft insulation in our comprehensive guide, but if you’re looking to improve the thermal performance of your home for your EPC and turn your unused loft space into a storage room, then look no further. Our professional services at Loft Storage Rooms mean you get the benefit of our years of experience and knowledge when it comes to insulation and loft boarding techniques.

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