How To Choose The Best Loft Ladder

As one of the most commonly used spaces for storage, your loft is important for helping to keep the rest of your home tidy. But what about when you need to access your loft storage room? Whether you’re getting the Christmas decorations out for the festive season or putting your suitcases away, getting safely into your loft via the hatch is essential.

That’s why this month at Loft Storage Rooms, we’re going to be guiding you through how to choose the best loft ladder by looking at your different options. There are two common material types for loft ladders, but first, we’ll take you through the most common loft ladder types and their benefits so that you can get the right ladder for your home.

It’s always important to consider the space you have to work with first, so keep this in mind – along with your budget – as you research to find your loft ladder.


Loft ladder types:


Telescopic loft ladders

With each step locking into place, you can safely get up and down from your loft storage room with a telescopic loft ladder. Another space-saving ladder type, the individual steps are interconnected and slide out to create a sturdy ladder when pulled down, while sliding back into a compact form to be returned into the loft hatch space when not in use.

Key benefits of telescopic loft ladders:

  • Sturdy access
  • Easy to use
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight option
  • Spring-assisted 

Take a look at our telescopic loft ladders in more detail on our dedicated page for this ladder type.

how to choose the best loft ladder - telescopic loft ladder


Foldaway loft ladders

A classic loft ladder design, this is often the type of ladder most people picture when you talk about the subject. This is a simple, traditional timber ladder that is broken into two or more folding sections, so that when you open your loft hatch you can fold the ladder down and back up again.

Key benefits of foldaway loft ladders:

  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • Sturdy and safe ladders
  • Easier to match to your decor
  • Ideal for larger homes with space

You can find our foldaway loft ladders on our wooden loft ladder page in either two or three-section styles.

how to choose the best loft ladder - electric loft ladder


Electric loft ladders

You can add a touch of luxury and automation to your home with electric loft ladders. Designed so that there’s no manual effort required, you simply use the remote or push-button to open your loft hatch and gain access — perfect for when you’ve already got your hands full. Available in concertina or foldaway styles, you can choose which ladder you like best and have easy access at all times.

Key benefits of electric loft ladders:

  • Easy to use
  • Automatic stopping features
  • Available in different styles
  • Emergency manual operation

Take a look at our different electric loft ladders in more detail on our dedicated page.

choosing an electric loft ladder


Concertina loft ladders

A concertina loft ladder operates much as you might expect from the name. With steps set between crisscrossed frames, you can ensure you get a safe and sturdy way to access your loft without taking up lots of room. We often only recommend these ladders if you have an obstruction within the loft hatch where standard ladders would normally be stowed.

Key benefits of concertina loft ladders:

  • Sturdy access
  • Maximises usable space inside the loft
  • Ideal for small homes
  • Doesn’t need lots of room to be installed

You can find out more about the specifications of our different concertina loft ladders on our dedicated page – including vertical access, heavy duty and premium models.

how to choose a loft ladder - concertina loft ladder


Loft ladder materials:

Aluminium loft ladders

Because of how strong, yet lightweight aluminium is, it makes a great material for loft ladders. This is ideal when space is at a premium, as you can be confident that your ladder will be safe to use without taking up space inside your loft or on the floor below when fully extended. Aluminium is often used for ladders because it allows for collapsable or sliding parts to be used, which isn’t always possible for wooden ladders. See our full range of aluminium loft ladders here.


Wooden loft ladders

One of the main reasons to opt for wooden loft ladders is due to how they look. With a more natural material, it’s always going to be more pleasing to the eye. Wooden ladders do, however, also require more space. And since the individual rungs are not collapsible in any way, this can also mean they are heavier to operate. This is something you need to consider in terms of who will be using these ladders to ensure they are appropriate when it comes to safety.

We only supply FSC-approved timber loft ladders, which means you get peace of mind that the wood for your ladders is quality, sustainably-sourced timber. Find out more about our wooden loft ladders on our dedicated page.


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