Loft Storage FAQ’s

Does your work create a mess?

Our work will undoubtedly create a little bit of mess – mainly dust – but we use sheets to catch this and we always tidy up after ourselves. We do our utmost to limit the disruption to you and your household while we carry out work in your property.


Are there hidden costs?

No. We give quotes without any hidden costs – you’ll only pay the price we quote you unless you opt for changes during the work.


Are you insured as a company if damage occurs?

We’re a fully insured company, giving you peace of mind when we carry out work in your home.


Do I need a new loft ladder?

This depends. If you don’t already have a loft ladder, they’re a great way to provide easy access to your loft without lugging ladders in and out of the house. 

If you have loft ladders but they’re damaged, rickety or old, then it’s always worth replacing them.


Are loft ladders safe?

Loft ladders are actually the safest way to gain access to your loft, since they’re specially designed for the distance between your hatch and the floor beneath it. However, only quality loft ladders are safe to use, which is why we provide a full range of ladder types constructed from the best materials.


Will loft boarding cause damp?

Loft boarding only creates damp if carried out improperly. Our teams have over 20 years of experience so will fit boarding to ensure proper ventilation for your insulation. 


Does a loft storage room add value to my home?

Yes. Prospective buyers are likely to pay more for a home with ready-made storage that is easy to access than for one without. Loft space on its own isn’t always enough, it needs to be usable!


Is your wood sustainably sourced?

We only use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved goods. That means our materials are sustainably sourced from either well-managed forests or as recycled material.