Loft Storage For New Builds

If you’ve just moved into your first new build property, congratulations! It’s an exciting time as you make the house a home, decorating and moving in your possessions. 

A new build property can make a great home – whether it’s your first or your fifth! – since they come with almost everything you need and no major work is required to make them comfortable to live in; they’re ready as soon as they’re signed off by the developer.

But one thing you may have noticed, or even heard whispers of, is a lack of space. 

This is due to new homes being built smaller over the last few decades to make the most of the land and maximise profit. It doesn’t make them any less appealing, but it does raise questions when it comes to storage – a crucial element of any home.

The place most people look to is the loft – but can you put a loft storage room in a new build to really make the most of the space? 

That’s the question we’re answering today.

Loft storage for new builds

Is a new build suitable for a loft storage room?

Yes, new build properties are perfect for loft storage room conversions. In fact, there’s no better place for them, since your loft space should be in top condition already, without any damp or mould issues to worry about.

Of course, when we say a “new build” we’re referring to houses as opposed to flats or apartments. You’ll need an actual loft space to convert in the first place and the sizes vary from development to development. But with expert loft storage room conversion from our team, you’ll have plenty of clean, accessible storage space straight away.


Can a loft storage room increase the value of a new build?

The housing market can be hard to predict, but as things stand in January 2022, house prices continue to rise. So while you probably paid a high price for your new build property, by investing in a loft storage room conversion, you’ll no doubt have added to its value.

The best way to think of it is to imagine that you’re selling your home, with the loft space converted into a useful, functional space, at the same time as your neighbours who haven’t converted the space. If demand remains high, you can definitely expect to market your home for more than your neighbour, as you have additional features they don’t.


The added benefit of loft storage rooms for your home

Aside from the value that you add to your property, there is a more immediate benefit to a loft storage room conversion: additional space throughout the rest of the home.

While you of course get the convenience of easily storing more items in the loft, it’s the space you get elsewhere that you’ll really notice. Picture the following:

  • A living room free of old DVDs, books and games
  • A garage free of camping equipment and suitcases
  • Bedrooms free of spare linen storage
  • Cupboards free from memory boxes and unused electronics

In a new build home, space comes at a premium because of how they are designed – so why waste that space on clutter? Convert your loft into a secure, dry storage room and make the most of your brand new home, delivering magazine-worthy interiors.


Have you recently purchased a new build home? Do you want to increase the value of your home and create more space? Then look no further than Loft Storage Rooms.

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