Loft Storage: What to Consider

With house prices rising – and seemingly not coming down any time soon – lots of people may be choosing to stay put, which can mean a reorganisation of space in their current home is needed to make things work. Others, lucky enough to have landed their dream move, might now have settled in, but might be finding it hard to juggle space. 

Whatever category you fall into, storage space is the common factor here. Many people look to their loft in this situation, but may not be sure of the best way to make use of the space in their loft or how best to access it. This month at Loft Storage Room Company, we’ll guide you through the key things to consider when preparing your loft for storage.

Loft Storage Rooms Company

Loft hatches

Firstly, is your loft hatch large enough to pass items and boxes through? You’ll need to check this before carrying out any work in the loft, only to find you can’t get things through the hatch itself.

What will you store?

Now let’s think some more about what you’d like to store in your loft. Warm loft insulation will allow you to store items such as textiles, old photographs and books without them being damaged, whereas a loft lacking suitable insulation won’t be a great place to store such things. Make this decision on what you’ll be storing up in the loft so you can plan ahead.

Loft lighting

Lighting in your loft is important for safety, but it also allows you to easily find things you need or put things back in specific locations. This can be in the form of a simple bulb and switch installation, fluorescent tube lights or even Velux windows and skylights for both light and air.

Storage equipment

While boxes are great, you can always enhance your storage and make life easier with loft storage trays. This allows you to make more of the space in your eaves, sliding them out for easy access.

What to consider regarding loft insulation

Loft insulation is important for your home – as we pointed out in our last post – so it’s a good idea to assess your current insulation and find out if it needs upgrading first. This is especially key if you want the warm loft storage we mentioned earlier, since it requires insulation both between the joists and under the roof itself.

Loft boarding

Boarding out your loft makes it much easier to get into the loft and organise the space, all without having to balance on joists while considering where to place boxes. At Loft Storage Room Company, we offer swift, tidy loft boarding throughout the UK.

Loft ladders

Access in and out of your loft shouldn’t be precarious – nor should it take two people. Why not add a loft ladder to give you stable, neat and compact access when entering or exiting your loft storage space? All you need to do is choose the material and style you most prefer.

Common mistakes to avoid

Now we’ve covered the things you can take into account when preparing your loft space for storage, it’s time to look at things to avoid. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make:

  • Not using a reputable company – by taking a chance on an unproven company or a well-meaning friend, you could put your home at risk and you might be charged for services such as loft boarding that aren’t carried out correctly. At Loft Storage Room Company, we’re fully insured and never use subcontractors, so you can be sure you’re getting a reliable service from a company with a reputation as specialists.
  • Insulation blocking the ventilation – your loft storage space requires a certain amount of ventilation to prevent overheating and condensation.
  • Poorly installed loft ladders – there are certain steps you need to take when installing a loft ladder for safety reasons. Have your ladders installed by a professional to ensure you get easy access to your loft without worrying about accidents when you come to put weight on them.

Here at Loft Storage Room Company, we provide a full range of services to help you make the most of your loft space for storage – whether your home is brand new or you’re just looking to optimise the space. From loft ladders and boarding the floor of your loft to other products and services such as loft lighting and storage trays, we’ve got you covered.

Operating throughout most of the UK, we come highly rated by our customers, so give us a call today to discuss your loft storage plans with our specialist team.