The Benefits of Loft Insulation – Infographic

what are the benefits of loft insulation



The Benefits of Loft Insulation (Infographic)

Never has it been more important to ensure your home is properly insulated. It can quite literally pay to have loft insulation installed professionally, especially if you want to also use the space for storage. Here are the five key benefits of loft insulation:


  • It prevents heat loss – According to the Energy Saving Trust, 25% of heat is lost via your roof. You can reduce this by installing adequate insulation in your loft floor and with rafter lining, two things that will help to keep you warmer in winter.
  • You save money on bills – We could all use the extra savings right now thanks to energy prices, so why not invest in insulation for the long term? Less heat loss means lower heating requirements and, therefore, less money spent on your heating bills.
  • It’s better for the environment – Preventing heat loss means you use less energy and produce less carbon dioxide, which is great news for the environment overall. A greener boiler is of little use if you waste energy through a lack of insulation.
  • It reduces noise – Whether you live under an airport flight path or not, loft insulation can contribute to lowering the amount of outside noise making it into your home. Peace at last!
  • It can increase your property value – Your home will be worth more if it’s better insulated, with prospective buyers seeing one less thing they need to invest in. It also gives you the edge over similar homes on the market when you come to sell.


Are you missing out on these benefits? Squashing your loft insulation or not having the correct depth are two common reasons people miss out. If you want to maximise the storage space in your loft and still benefit from all of the above, you need specialist loft insulation services. At Loft Storage Rooms, we provide loft insulation in the form of Mineral wool and Solarshield products, as well as rafter lining to help you save money, stay warm and lower your carbon footprint. For more information on loft insulation, read our handy guide.

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