Why Add Velux Loft Windows to Your Loft Storage Room?

Creating a loft storage room brings heaps of benefits, from providing clean and accessible storage space to freeing up other areas of your home for better use. But why would you add a Velux loft window to your loft storage room?

That’s what we’ll be covering this month, taking you through our in-depth guide on Velux windows, including:

  • What a Velux window is
  • Whether you need planning permission
  • The benefits of roof windows
  • How Velux windows can add value
  • Where to find Velux window installers

What is a Velux loft window? 

Velux is, in fact, a brand. It has become synonymous with roof windows, so much so that the term is used interchangeably when talking about windows for sloped roofs. 

Installed in line with the slope of your roof, they help to add natural light and ventilation to the upper floors of a building or for high, sloped ceilings. Velux windows open using a bar along the top of the window internally, which unlocks the frame holding the window pane. You can then pivot the window to angle it open as much or as little as you choose.

Why Add Velux Loft Windows to Your Loft Storage Room?

Do I need planning permission to install a roof window?

Velux windows are pretty common throughout the UK, which should already tell you that you don’t often need planning permission for them. Installation of a Velux window should normally fall within your permitted development rights, as long as they’re being installed on an existing roof. 

There are a couple of rules to keep in mind though if you want to avoid planning permission entanglements:

  • Roof windows can’t protrude 150mm above the existing roof plane. This is usually not an issue due to the slimline nature of Velux windows.
  • Your roof window should not rise above the current highest existing point of your roof plane. Again, this isn’t really an issue as, even when fully open, a Velux window won’t go above the apex of a sloped roof.
  • Roof windows on side-facing slopes will need to have obscured glazing for privacy. This can be achieved relatively simply with frosted glass for Velux windows. 

If your Velux window is due to be installed on the rear elevation, you’re very unlikely to need planning permission. You can also look at neighbouring properties, as if there are other homes in your street with roof windows visible, your local authority would have difficulty in denying you permission to do the same, since a precedent has already been set.

In some areas, there may be local restrictions in place, so it’s worth checking with your local council and planning authority that something like this doesn’t apply to your property.


What are the benefits of roof windows? 

Roof windows are popular for so many reasons, and they come with some fantastic benefits for loft storage rooms, including:

  • Natural daylight – Let the natural sunlight pour through into your loft storage room and you’ll never have to go hunting through your belongings with a torch during the daytime ever again.
  • Fresh ventilation – One of the unappealing things about storing items in the loft is the lack of ventilation, creating a damp and fusty environment. Velux windows offer the ability to ventilate the space either by opening the window or the ventilation bar.
  • Lower energy bills – Not only will you spend less on lighting your loft storage space, but you’ll also see the insulative benefits of Velux windows with premium glazing, helping your home retain more heat.
  • Aesthetically appealing – Velux windows look great from both the inside and the outside, blending in seamlessly with properties of any style thanks to their sleek, simple design.
  • Trusted brand – Velux is a trusted brand here in the UK, with over 80 years of experience in delivering the very best for homes.

Do Velux windows add value to your house? 

With all of the above benefits, you’ve probably already guessed that Velux windows do add value to your house. That’s because they’re a modern design feature that buyers love to see when they go house hunting.

Imagine viewing two properties right next door to each other, identical in pretty much every aspect, aside from the fact that one has Velux windows installed in the loft space. Which would you prefer and which would you be willing to pay that little bit extra for? 

If a home already feels complete, with little work needing to be done, it stands to reason that you can ask for a higher price thanks to a lack of additional investment required on the buyer’s part.


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