5 Signs You Need Loft Storage Space

Are you struggling to contain all of your family’s things in a neat and tidy fashion? Do you feel cluttered and cramped? Then it might be time to start thinking of smarter ways to store all of your possessions.

From old books and toys to Christmas decorations and summer suitcases, we all have items that we don’t want to get rid of but also don’t want to find dotted around the house. For most people, moving to a bigger property just isn’t feasible, and nor is it necessary if you have a loft in your home.

This month at Loft Storage Rooms, we’re going to look at the five major signs you need loft storage space and things to consider, all of which should highlight how easy it is to restore harmony to your house with this simple investment. 

storage in the loft

Five signs you need loft storage space

  • All your surfaces and shelves are piled high

If you walk around your home and can never see clear space on your surfaces, or if your shelves are dishevelled and stacked high with items, then you’re probably beyond needing a spring clean – you need more storage.

  • You can never find what you’re looking for

A consequence of having too many things spread across your home is that you can’t find the things you’re looking for. Whether that’s an item of clothing that’s buried somewhere deep in the closet or a set of keys that have gone missing, make it easier to locate them by freeing up space in your house.

  • You can’t park your car in the garage

Garages are traditionally used for securing your vehicle, but if you’ve piled your garage high with boxes and furniture, it might be time to consider finding alternative space for those items. This way you’ll free your garage up to park your car in once more, something that can help with your car insurance costs.

  • You have large items that are used very little

Do you find yourself navigating around and bumping into large or cumbersome items that you rarely use? This is a sure sign that those things should be stored elsewhere out of sight. This will give you back the room in your home while still keeping the items with you for when you do need them.

  • Friends and family avoid coming over

If your friends and family always refuse your invitations to come over and spend time at your house because of the clutter and mess, then it’s time to make a change. With a loft storage room, you can better manage your possessions and maintain the kind of space people want to spend time in.

5 Signs You Need Loft Storage Space

What else to consider with storage in the loft

A loft storage room can help solve so many problems with modern living, but there are several other aspects to consider to help make your life easier. 

Loft ladder – Just because your items are now in the loft, it doesn’t mean you can’t access them. With a loft ladder in place that folds and compacts into your loft hatch, you can easily get in and out of your storage space whenever you need to.

Loft hatch – With an airtight loft hatch, you can be sure your home is still retaining heat during the colder months while giving you the space to manoeuvre in and out with loft storage boxes.

Velux loft window – Make things brighter and more comfortable in your loft storage room with the addition of Velux loft windows. This makes it a less intimidating space to access and you’ll easily find what you’re looking for thanks to the natural light they allow in.

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