Loft Storage vs Self Storage

Most households accumulate a large amount of clutter over the years and it can be tempting to just move it all to a self-storage facility to deal with at a later date. However, there could be a better long-term solution. Converting your loft into a proper storage area is a great way to use otherwise redundant space and the process is surprisingly simple. But is this cost-effective or would self storage be a more convenient option? The team at Loft Storage Rooms will be answering all of your questions.

Loft storage vs self storage – which is better? 

Storage costs 

When it comes to cost, the price of self storage varies depending on a number of factors, such as location, duration and the size of the storage unit needed. A recent industry survey conducted by the SSA (Self Storage Association UK) found that the average price of a 50ft2 self-storage unit in London works out at around £1,653 annually. This is likely to rise further with inflation over the coming year. 

An easy way to ensure your loft is suitable for storage is to install a load-bearing floor. This process is called loft boarding and it makes certain your loft is robust enough to hold heavy boxes. The price of loft boarding varies based on the complexity and size of the job. However, unlike self storage, this is a one-off payment. Once you’ve paid the initial fee, there isn’t much in the way of financial outgoings for upkeep and maintenance. This will save you money in the long run and you should be able to enjoy your loft area for many years to come. 

Safety of your possessions 

Both self storage and loft storage provide safe and secure spaces for all of your valuable items. However, loft storage offers you the ultimate peace of mind by having your personal belongings within reach. You can access them at any time and arguably, nowhere is safer than the comfort of your own home. 

Storage space 

The size of your loft storage will be mainly consistent with the floor plan of your home. Although this is great for storing most items, it may be better to opt for self storage if you’re hoping to store bulky objects, especially furniture. With self-storage units, there are a variety of sizes available typically ranging from 25ft2 to a whopping 300ft2 . However, it is worth noting that the prices of these storage units dramatically increase with size. If you are requiring a larger storage unit for an extended period of time, this can work out to be very expensive.

Long-term benefits of loft storage 

Loft boarding can raise the value of your property; it provides convenience, improves aesthetics and may be a prudent investment to make if you’re thinking about selling your home. Amidst the current energy crisis, loft boarding is also a great way to further insulate your home. It prevents heat from escaping through the roof, helping to reduce your energy bills.

Loft storage is incredibly convenient and hassle-free. If you have a lot of sentimental items stored in your loft, this allows you easy access to reminisce. The process becomes a lot more complicated when your personal items are stuck in a storage unit; you are bound by their opening times and can not access your belongings at your own convenience. Having a boarded loft is also much safer as it minimises the risk of standing on the plasterboard ceiling or having an inadvertent accident. This is especially important if you need to access equipment in your attic on a regular basis – a water tank for example.


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