Can Loft Boarding Be Carried Out in Older or Period Properties?

Whether you own your home and live there or you rent it out, depending on its age you might be wondering whether you can install loft boarding.

All over the UK, there are older and period properties where owners might wish to make use of a loft space. Despite how well-built some of the older housing stock might be, it’s a common question that arises when people are searching for practical storage options.

That’s why this month at Loft Storage Rooms, we’re going to be answering the vital questions regarding whether loft boarding can be carried out in older and period properties.

Can all lofts be boarded?

The answer to this question is that 99% of all homes with a loft can have loft boarding, so most but not all! However, there are a few things you have to bear in mind when it comes to the practicalities of boarding any loft.

The first thing you need to consider is whether you’ll have enough headroom. This is so that you can actually access the loft space to make it usable as a storage space. Without enough headroom, you won’t be able to get into the space and it likely won’t hold much either. It’s an especially important point where raised loft boarding is required to protect insulation, as this will reduce the space a little more.

The second important factor in loft boarding for older and period properties is the joist structure. Does it lend naturally and easily to boarding? Is it structurally strong enough? These questions can be answered by loft boarding professionals if you’re keen to get the work done.

What is classed as an older or period property?

We started this piece by talking quite generally about “older” and “period” properties, which usually conjures up images of listed buildings and thatched roof cottages. However, what we really mean is any home built pre-1975.

That’s because, around this time, home-building processes became fairly standardised. It’s never an exact classification, but it helps to highlight that most modern homes built in the 1970s and after will have the right set-up for a loft space that can be boarded.

Standard loft hatches, some headroom under the rafters, joists and maybe even a water tank that suggests the space is structurally sound — these are the things that most modern homes have that separate them from older, period homes. 

Can you board the loft in an old house?

Considering the above, all that doesn’t mean you can’t board the loft in an old house. Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian homes are still standing strong today, usually with ample space available under the roof for storing those rarely-used items.

Find out whether you can board the loft in your old home by getting in touch with our expert team here at Loft Storage Rooms — we’re always happy to provide advice as one of the UK’s leading loft specialists.

Can Loft Boarding Be Carried Out in Older or Period Properties?

What are the benefits of boarding the loft in an older or period property?

While boarding the loft in any home brings benefits, there are some specific advantages to installing loft boarding and raising a loft floor in an older or period property, including:

  • It can help to protect timbers if raised boarding is applied 
  • It can allow room for additional insulation if raised boarding is applied 
  • It can ensure your loft space is safe to use
  • A new loft hatch can improve the thermal efficiency of your home
  • Some older properties have very good roof pitches to accommodate standing room

You can read more about the general benefits of loft boarding in our previous article on the topic.

Loft boarding near me

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